"...the behaviour of most present day humans remains moderated by magical thinking-type mental processes (lack of integration between the left prefrontal cortical areas and memory), underwritten by sub-optimal cause and effect perception."

Robert G. Bednarik, An aetiology of hominin behaviour, Homo, 2012

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Reflectance Transformation Imaging - Dome construction

Today my Cree LEDs and Arduino-type board arrived in the post, closely followed by the 600mm diameter acrylic dome.

Let the build begin....

600mm acrylic dome with flange, 4mm.

Arduino clone

Cree LEDs. I've gone for 4v through the hole for this initial prototype, sacrificing shorter exposure times since I understand the primary constraining factor will be the speed at which the camera will save pictures in RAW format.

Marking the dome up. This dome will have 48 LEDs, so there are four rows of lights. From the top 8, 12, 16 and 12 in the bottom row.

All 48 holes marked up.

This is the clone wired up to the bread-board with three LEDs to test my programming skills! Wired to the board, the jack end of the remote (now cut in two) successfully focuses and then triggers the shutter whilst each LED is lit in turn. I plan to use the remote switch to a) start the sequence or b) manually advance through the sequence.

LEDs and resistors soldered to boards.

Drilling holes into the dome. A jig is used to obtain the correct angle.

Soldering the ground...

And the live wire

Ta-da! Camera hole cut and first coat of black.

Wired up, painted and the clone is in a case... Next step is to test (and debug I expect).