"...the behaviour of most present day humans remains moderated by magical thinking-type mental processes (lack of integration between the left prefrontal cortical areas and memory), underwritten by sub-optimal cause and effect perception."

Robert G. Bednarik, An aetiology of hominin behaviour, Homo, 2012

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Figure-stones at the Rijksmuseum

A good friend of mine alerted me to the Rijksmuseum whom now have a display of figure-stones from Fontmaure in the entrance hall. Whilst they are perhaps not all of the highest quality that I have observed from this particular occupation site (see my web site for more) this is a welcome move from a prestigious centre. It is time that the debate concerning the incorporation of exograms in lithics is moved on from the knee-jerk reaction to dismiss the idea as incredulous as many commentators still do.

The figure-stone exhibition is open for viewing until March 13th 2016.

Larger images of three of the artefacts are available on the Rijksmuseum web site.